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HEALTHY catering that feeds positive change

Pow Food have a reputation for industry-leading healthy catering and innovative, unforgettable events, working with some of the world’s most notable blue-chip brands and a multitude of stellar clients. 

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We are dedicated to creating delicious
food that feeds positive change.

Pow Food was founded in 2018 by catering supremo Alison Warburton and her daughter, qualified health coach, Emily Warburton-Adams, both passionate about creating food to nourish for longevity.

Endeavouring to create positive change, we have placed sustainability and healthy nutrition at the heart of our business since day one.

From nourishing underprivileged communities in London, to supporting renewable energy initiatives and our visionary business operations, we believe in going above and beyond in every area, resulting in our being the first female-led catering company to become B-Corp certified in March 2023.

Read more about our nutrition and sustainability promises here.

We have trialled many caterers, but none have ever come close to the quality, taste and presentation that Pow Food offer, we trust them implicitly.

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If you would like to find out more about our offering, we are always available to chat on the phone.

Introducing Our Gourmet Chef Prepped
At Home Dining Range

In 2022, we used our roots in high end catering to launch a nutritionally designed gourmet home dining range, helping discerning at-home customers raise their standards of at home dining.

Click here to shop our gourmet at home range.

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